HasGeek is doing a study on open data policies and practices in India and the role of intermediary organisations.

In this study, we are trying to map how non-government and advocacy organisations collect, store, publish, use and re-use data. We are also attempting to understand the usage scenarios imagined by and implementation challenges faced by policy-makers and data portal implementors. This mapping is being done to identify possible areas of policy modification, capacity building, community organisation, and alignment of efforts.

This study is part of the 'Exploring Emerging Impacts of Open Data in Developing Countries' (ODDC) research network managed by World Wide Web Foundation and supported by the Canadian International Development Research Centre.

You can read more about the study on the research blog, and about the ODDC research network at the Open Data Research Network website.

We are carrying out an initial survey to identify organisations in India that function as 'data/information intermediaries', i.e., those who mediate between creators/publishers of data and users of data, either by mandate or in the way they work.

If your organisation undertakes such data/information mediations or simply collects and publishes government data, please visit the survey page and register your organisation for an in-depth survey that we will undertake during the next months.

We hope you will consider participating in this survey. Should you have any queries or doubts, please write to us for clarifications and suggestions.

Please also circulate this invitation among relevant individuals and organisations.